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What's in a Name? Why I Chose the Name "Argent Thread"

I recently caught the knitting bug and started coming across so many awesome products and sites that I wanted to share. I also wanted to document my creative journey, with the spirit that the journey can be more important, and usually more fun than the destination. So why the name "Argent Thread"?

"ARGENT" means 'silver' in French, and it's a nod to my great-grandfather who was a blacksmith once he immigrated to Canada, but who my grandma once told me, in secret and with a lot of pride in her eyes, that he didn't merely work 'base' metals. He was a great artisan and had been trained as a silversmith in Budapest. His incredible pioneering courage in striking out into the unknown to create a better and safer life for his family and descendants is inspiring.

My great-grandpa with my great-grandma and their first two children

This courage and love of beauty and fine workmanship has been transmitted to many members of my family who are talented artists working all sorts of media, including painting, wood, sculpture, thread, food, and many more. I've been inspired my whole life by beauty and creativity, and I have loved art in all its forms. I believe that art is a powerful way to express our soul's desire, or even just silliness, to touch others and even to transform the world for the better.

I've been amazed by the entire crafting community which is so vast, so diverse, so free and creates such beautiful textiles which are not only for hanging on walls but are perfect to snuggle with and comfort you when you're down. They're perfect for warming up on a cold winter's day, making into a fort in summer, and generally becoming a part of family life, and even maybe one day an heirloom to transmit to our descendants.

Through my artwork I hope to continue that artistic and courageous THREAD or chain which began over a hundred years ago in Hungary to build our families, to build our lives and to leave behind something beautiful and worth handing down. Thus the motto, "Create your Silver Lining", because dammit, it's worth it.