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Moonlit Jasmine for Ella

I knew I was hooked even before I began, and now it's official - I completed my first quilt, no more UFOs (un-finished objects), UQOs(un-quilted objects) or day-dreaming while looking over all of my beautiful, beautiful materials, as fun as that may be.

For the colour scheme, the quilting and the title, I was inspired by the memory of my grandma's porch garden, which had wonderful-smelling jasmine but only bloomed at night. It kind of inspires me that there are whole mysterious worlds out there which only come out when we are sleeping, or are totally inaccessible, like on the sea floor. I was also inspired by the sense of safety, belonging, and infinite time and possibilities which I always felt while staying with my grandma.

The whole quilt top

I followed Amy Gibson's "Charming Baby Quilt" on Craftsy for the basic pattern and went wild free-motion quilting with Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting class. I decided to leave the beaten path and really mix up the colour scheme while taking the opportunity to learn FMQ to quilt the top.

As I am my own worst critic, I find that I over-quilted it. I think the Botanicals top is already busy enough and that the quilting kind of fades in, and on the other hand since this was my first quilt I was unsure of myself and used matching thread instead of contrasting thread, so I think that's what makes the quilting sink into the background instead of stand out. I'm thinking some whole-cloth quilting might be useful for practice, or just using bigger motifs on more regular quilt blocks.

When quilting this top, I read that when in doubt, add more quilting, and I guess this may be a sign of some deep-seated doubts. Therapy may be useful, but for the moment, quilting therapy will have to do. Because I'm too busy making quilts.

The moon quilting

I made this quilt for my little 4-yr old daughter Ella, who has to undergo her third heart surgery this year or next to correct a malformation. It shouldn't be very risky, but I thought a homemade quilt will be something special to bring to the hospital from home.

A tag I had fun machine-embroidering

I especially love the vine and tree-of-life theme. I would love to work on this more in the future, but my biggest problem now is (1) remembering all of my ideas spiralling out of control and (2) finding the time to sew while also taking care of all my lovely, boisterous children. I guess that's what vacations are for!

The quilted vines