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Introducing Peacock Burst and Vines on a Tree

I once heard that peacocks are supposed to symbolise immortality, although I'm not quite sure why. I know that I've always loved the way they look, the sinuous design of their feathers and most especially, their magnificent colours.

I was playing around with a basic quilting block pattern, which radiates diagonal lines from one corner, and added a flame-shaped paisley part-way along each spine, which gave this:

I decided to name this motif Peacock Burst, and this is what it looks like when sketched out, with five spokes this time rather than seven:

Along the same nature-inspired vein, I came up with another motif, in memory of the vines creeping up the majestic large trees I remember from B.C.'s Lower Mainland. Here's the design for Vines on a Tree:

And the way Vines on a Tree looks when quilted:

I must admit, I think this particular motif, Vines on a Tree, would look better on a solid-colour block, or at least one with a solid centre where the bark texture is supposed to go, but i was trying to fill in the long rectangles for a split rail quilt, which will be finished very soon!