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Feeling Knitty

Knitting has been taking over my crafting activities as summer has arrived and with it vacations to beaches and such. Yarn and needles are so much easier to transport than a sewing machine and cutting table!

The project I've finished most recently is a sweater I made for my daughter Emmanuelle's 4th birthday. I had fun learning to make the bobbles for the cuffs and collars and used intarsia for the big bow under the chin. I made it using a pattern from Melissa Leapman's book, Mastering Color Knitting.

I've also been entranced by the #findyourfade trend, based on modern knitwear designer Andrea Mowry's beautiful multicoloured shawl design. A great interview can be found at Indie Untangled. The only problem is all of the wool I want to get now!