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More Knit Picks

Knitting happens to be more child-friendly in my life than quilting, since the sewing machine has to share the kitchen table with the meals and snacks, whereas I can whip out my knitting basket whenever, wherever, snack or not.

Knitting also has the distinct advantage of being a possibility while watching a movie, requires less concentration, and is more relaxing for me, since I've been knitting for three years now! So, knitting is winning out, hour-for-hour, over quilting, but I can't say I don't like the results!

I've been working on this beautiful 100% merino-wool shawl since February and I've finally finished! I added a single-crochet border around the edge which wasn't in the pattern in the spirit of "whatever deserves to be done deserves to be modified".

I loved improving my lace-knitting skills and discovering the amazing qualities of Merino wool! I'm definitely hooked. I've also discovered I love shawls. They're so beautiful and handy: you can use them for practically anything! They're almost as great as duct-tape.

Speaking of being hooked, I've discovered the wonders of crochet. Not just for grannies anymore, I learned that since it has more structure you can make all sorts of things you can't really make the same way with knitting, like baskets or bathing suits, and most of all, it's easy to do and way faster! I crocheted this iphone case in single-crochet using jumbo yarn in just a single afternoon, and with no seams!

Hooray for small projects, which knit up quickly. This hat, in 100% Malabrigo merino yarn, knit up in just a week. The most difficult part was joining in the round on a circular needle without twisting, and after that it was pure fun with the stranded knitting technique.

It won't stay warm for long here in France where winters are so foggy and wet, and the cold seeps right into you, so time to knit up some more scarves, hats and gloves methinks!