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Keep Calm and Knit On

As life becomes more complicated I turn once again to my most therapeutic and addictive hobby, not to mention my favourite one, knitting! I've been able to finish two smallish-medium projects, and since my new favourite yarn is merino, both projects are in merino wool.

The first is the beautiful cabled Illyria hat designed by Bristol Ivy which I knitted up in Madeline Tosh Home, which is chunky weight, in the colour Calligraphy. On a side note, I learned that Illyria used to be a Roman province in modern-day Croatia. The hat actually turned out to be a bit more pink than I was hoping, but I'm planning on also knitting some matching cabled gloves in Madeline Tosh Twist Light. I love those nature-inspired designs and cables!

Also inspired by nature, I learned brioche knitting using this beautiful leafy matching scarf to go with the Fair Isle hat I posted in the last blog. I got the pattern from a Craftsy course, Explorations in Brioche Knitting. Brioche gets to go onto my list of favourite techniques along with cables, lace, and Fair Isle knitting; and for this scarf I used my absolute favourite brand of merino wool, Malabrigo in worsted weight, which is an ethically-sourced, hand-dyed wool from Uruguay in gorgeous colours and so soft and squishy!

I used up the remainder of my Madeline Tosh wool to finish the leaves because I wanted to keep to grey, but in retrospect, I should have switched to Malabrigo in Pollen, a light yellow I also used in the hat because Madeline Tosh has too much twist, elasticity and sheen in comparison to Malabrigo. Oh well, the result is pretty anyway and a lesson learned, to match wools more carefully, is probably worth at least 10 scarves.