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Shawl Attack!

Almost as much fun as a shark attack! ... I've had my first taste of shawl knitting and I'm sure that I've found my favourite knit art-form.

Shawls are, in my opinion, the perfect canvas on which to display any texture, technique, or form, whether they're circular-shaped, rectangular, triangular or square, and since they're worn draped over the body there's no shaping or fitting to worry about!

They're so versatile that you can wear them as a hat, a scarf, over the shoulders, tied behind the back into a little sweater, as as a belt, or even pinned to make a cover-up style dress.

Waterspout Shawl, knit with Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Opalite.

The first shawl I knit was Anna Dalvi's Waterspout Shawl along with the accompanying course on Craftsy. I knit it with Hedgehog Fibers gorgeous Sock Yarn in Opalite, which didn't take the blocking so well though, thus the flat border. However, it was such a fun and easy knit that I had to bump it up to heroic level with...

Golden Orchids Shawl, knit with The Unique Sheep Marici in Yarrow

The Golden Orchids Shawl by Aino Haikala, a much more complex lace pattern, but still not too hard to knit and a lot of fun! I knit it with The Unique Sheep's glorious, luminous, shimmering 100% spun silk Marici base dyed in the stunning Yarrow gradient.

The Crown Wools Wrap, knit with The Unique Sheep Kiri in Earthy Gems

I made three shawls in a row, with the idea of giving them away as gifts, but the third one, the Crown Wools Wrap in The Unique Sheep Kiri (merino & tussah silk) dyed in the Earthy Gems gradient, was just too beautiful to let go of, so that one goes to me!

Happy Holidays, everyone!