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Magical, Magnificent MKALS

I participated in my first MKAL (mystery knit-a-long) which is an online pattern and forum, the pattern being released one part at a time, and knitted up more-or-less at the same time by a community of knitters who share about their progress in the online forum.

This one was Anne-Lise Maigaard and Nim Teasdale's free MKAL, Wild Swan, on the website Ravelry.

It was my first time learning a lot of the techniques, such as the i-cord edging and the crochet bind-off with picots, as well as my first project using 100% stash yarn. I knit it using The Unique Sheep's Yarrow gradient on Marici yarn (for the inner part) and Earth Jewels gradient on Kiri yarn (for the outer half).

I also started another MKAL, Janine La Cras' Snow White Shawl, using another Unique Sheep yarn, a limited-edition Rare Breed yarn in silk and linen.

It's my first time knitting with linen and it's interesting because, like cotton, it's not stretchy at all but it makes for a really elegant-looking fabric. It's also my first time beading a shawl, and I'm having a great time putting on all the beads. So, that's quite a lot of firsts, to start off a new year!


Lyon, France



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