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Magical, Magnificent MKALS

I participated in my first MKAL (mystery knit-a-long) which is an online pattern and forum, the pattern being released one part at a time, and knitted up more-or-less at the same time by a community of knitters who share about their progress in the online forum.

Wild Swan Shawl in The Unique Sheep's Yarrow on Marici and Earth Jewels on Kiri.

This one was Anne-Lise Maigaard and Nim Teasdale's free MKAL, Wild Swan, on the website Ravelry.

It was my first time learning a lot of the techniques, such as the i-cord edging and the crochet bind-off with picots, as well as my first project using 100% stash yarn. I knit it using The Unique Sheep's Yarrow gradient on Marici yarn (for the inner part) and Earth Jewels gradient on Kiri yarn (for the outer half).

Snow White MKAL using The Unique Sheep's Rare Breed in Silverlode

I also started another MKAL, Janine La Cras' Snow White Shawl, using another Unique Sheep yarn, a limited-edition Rare Breed yarn in silk and linen.

It's my first time knitting with linen and it's interesting because, like cotton, it's not stretchy at all but it makes for a really elegant-looking fabric. It's also my first time beading a shawl, and I'm having a great time putting on all the beads. So, that's quite a lot of firsts, to start off a new year!