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Mmmmmore MKALS

What could possibly be more fun than one MKAL (Mystery Knit-a-Long)? Of course, mmmmmore MKALS!

My magnificent Snow White Shawl in The Unique Sheep's Silverlode colour gradient on their brand new silk-linen Rare Breed yarn base is looking amazing with the crystal beads and leaf motifs of the shawl.

Snow White Shawl, Clue 4

This is my first time knitting with linen, and it's very reminiscent of cotton in its lack of elasticity. It might block very well, seeing how stiff linen tablecloths and shirts can be. It's also another great warm-weather, natural fibre to add to my repertoire, along with silk, cotton, bamboo, and tencel (100% natural wood fibre).

As can be seen in the top row of the first photo, the blue is just beginning to show, which will develop into a magnificent, medium dusky blue by the sixth skein.

The Unique Sheep's Silverlode on Silk-Linen Rare Breed

Other, less visible changes include labels from the Dutch Label Shop, on which is written, "Argent Thread - Handmade in France". I now sew them onto every garment I finish, thus relieving my children and gift recipients of the obligation to explain where they "bought" their scarf, shawl, or hat: "There, it's handmade, it says so right on the label." Plus, they can visit the website, just like you, dear reader. Strangely enough, that's enough to satisfy most people.

Argent Thread, Handmade in France

You may also notice some small changes to the website itself, including a new motto, "Knitting, naturally." which is far easier to translate into French (Le tricot, naturellement !) And yes, this foreshadows the Argent Thread blog's next step, namely its translation into the French language for the reading pleasure of more local audiences.

Until then, happy knitting!