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Taking the Heat

At last the sun and warmth are here after such a long wait! It's a perfect time to finish a depths-of-the-winter project, the Bundled in Brioche Scarf by designer Stephen West.

Bundled in Brioche Scarf in Malabrigo Worsted

I made it with about 10 different colours from Malabrigo Worsted, all from my stash. I started the project to eat through my imposing worsted-weight stash, and it was fairly successful at that, although Malabrigo's skeins are so generous that I felt like the person from the fairy tale with the magic bottomless pot. I still have a small ball of almost every colour left over! Maybe the Northeasterly Blanket will use up the final magical scraps.

More in season, I recently finished the Scalloway Vest by Janine La Cras. It's my first time knitting a summer top, and it's really light and airy, perfect for the weather at the moment. I'm definitely planning to knit another one of these!

Scalloway Vest in The Unique Sheep Green Sheep Bamboo Fingering in The Raven & The Fox

It was my first time knitting with bamboo, and the yarn, The Unique Sheep's Green Sheep Cotton Bamboo Fingering (50% cotton and 50% bamboo) has instantly become my favourite warm-weather yarn: I am a bamboo convert! It really reminds me of rayon, shiny and tough, but it has that wonderful smell of freshly-cut wood, fresh out of the sawmill, which is strange, given it's yarn.

Knitting with bamboo makes me want to explore what are all the other non-wool, summery fibres that I can use for knitting in hot climates: cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, tencel, silk and maybe even one day the ancient fiber byssus, sea silk. I wonder what other possibilities lie in wait, waiting to be discovered?

It's a world of possibilities to explore.