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My idea was to learn how to knit socks in Sock-tober, that quintessential of knitting skills during that quintessentially cozy month for knitting, as the days shorten and the chilly mists set in.

However, my summer knitting project, Barbara Bensen's lovely Earthbound Misfit Shawl, ended up taking all summer, all September, and all.... (not-Sock) October. The result is stunning though, as The Unique Sheep's Arda gradient on the merino-silk Kiri base shifts from my favourite shade of teal through a vibrant fuchsia and matches the shimmering beads contrasting against the steel gray Vulcan-coloured lace.

Oh well, one more project put off until Sockuary, Sockgust or until next Socktember rolls around. Maybe even a Year of Socks? One can dream.