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A Verb for Keeping Warm

It's that time again. It comes around every year and never seems to leave. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, drizzle, fog and strange falling-upwards rain: We've seen it all, even a storm wild enough to knock out the electricity for a day. Thankfully there's at least one solution: Yarn, and lots of it.

I've created some various solutions for keeping warm, and here's a selection:

Blue Latticino Shawlette

I chose to knit the new Latticino pattern because it makes me think of cappuccinos and who wouldn't want a cappuccino in this weather? It's in The Unique Sheep's Blue Period gradient from their Art History Collection on their Simply Sock base. The main colour is raw sienna with the gradient going from Classic Blue (the Colour of the Year!) to light sky blue verging on a hint of aqua.

Vanilla Sprinkle Socks

My very first attempt at socks, which went really well. I was typically afraid of the infamous heel-turn, but with Tin Can Knits Rye Light pattern, turning a heel was easier than falling into a hole. I knit it using Expression Fiber Arts Cashsock in Milkshake. What a great way to get rid of my ever-burgeoning fingering stash! I see many more scrappy knit socks in my future.

I also made a couple of attempts at slippers, neither of which were very satisfactory, as yarn stretches and gets floppy with wear, even though they're very warm.

Scrappy Coco Slippers

The first was knit using my worsted stash, mostly a mix of Malabrigo Worsted.

Sampler Slippers for Paul

The second pair was knit using La Bien Aimée's Sport in the magnificent shade Chrysocolla.

As much as I love knitting, I can't wait for summer to come.

Vivement l'été !